Nothing beats that “I just got engaged!” feeling. There is something incredibly special about that exciting and heart-warming moment when you realize you will never have to go through life alone, because your love wants to walk by your side forever. Weddings are our primary focus and the cornerstone of our business. We assist in all aspects of pre-event entertainment planning, premium onsite sound/audio production, and customized music selection to provide a fun and memorable event. From our first phone call until the day of your wedding, we will be there to guide you and work hand in hand with your wedding team, ensuring all of the important moments are executed to perfection. Each wedding is different, and we tailor our services to accommodate your vision!


Ceremony Services

While many factors contribute to an unforgettable wedding, the entertainment will leave a significant impression on your guests. Make your dream wedding a reality by starting the ceremony off right with the perfect Pre-Ceremony playlist. Using our signature digital app, you have the option to pick each song one by one or simply share with us the genre you would like and we will create the perfect selection for you.

Many couples are choosing non-traditional locations or 2 separate locations for their wedding and reception. We can discuss your unique location details and tailor the equipment needed to suit even the remotest of locations or accommodate multiple setups to ensure smooth transitions between the locations. We recommend amplified sound for your wedding if you have more than 50 guests and we will provide the necessary equipment to make sure all your guests can hear the Ceremony well. We also are well equipped to accommodate any musicians and/or vocalists that you would like performing during the ceremony and work with your videographer to clearly capture your vows.

Each wedding is different and every moment is carefully planned down to each individual song and with our unique app you can share with us the exact version of the special songs you have selected to highlight. No need to worry that the correct version is being played. Use our signature app and customizable planning template to carefully select your wedding party processional, the bridal procession, the recessional and any other unique moment you would like captured with quality sound.


Not only will our quality sound equipment get everyone pumped, we will transform any area by providing a series of high-quality lighting systems that will create a spectacular well-lit dancefloor. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that will forever be cherished and we will be honored to be an integral part of the experience.

Cocktail Hour & Reception

Customized soundtracks will set the mood while your guests enjoy cocktail hour. We will work side by side with your point person or coordinator helping to manage the flow of the event and keeping everything running smoothly. Handling all of the announcements so that you can sit back and enjoy the evening. We also provide microphone and clear sound for any toasts and speeches. Let us bring our professionalism and expertise to assist in the smoothest of transitions throughout the evening. Importantly, we pay close attention to detail being flexible and equipped to handle any situation on the fly!


Grateful Soundz Entertainment is Specialized in bringing life to the party and providing the perfect music and lively (never cheezy) MC personality to your wedding celebration. We will get people grooving on the dance floor making sure everyone is having the time of their lives. Whether it be jazz, country, lively hip-hop and everything in between we are experienced in a myriad of musical genres to deliver a fun dancing atmosphere. A fantastic feature of our digital app is not only you can select key songs you want to dance to; we can invite your guests to pre-request any songs they would like to experience as well. With or without song requests we are skilled to read the crowd and provide the perfect dancing set to keep the guests having a great time.